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All you need to know about Royal Bites

Biryani presentation

Royal Bites

Meet Saniya, the visionary behind Royal Bites. With a background in Zoology and a lifelong love for cooking, Saniya’s journey began in 2020 when she launched her YouTube channel. She inherits the authentic taste of Indian cuisine from her Family food business based in India.

Our Vision:

At Royal Bites, our vision is crystal clear: to serve every neighbourhood with love-infused, authentic, and wholesome Indian cuisine. Ensuring that each dish reflects our passion for cooking and our commitment to your well-being.

Our Kitchen

Where Flavours Come to Life

Step into the heart of Royal Bites, where the magic unfolds. Our kitchen is a symphony of sizzling spices, expert hands, and a passion for creating authentic Indian dishes. Witness the artistry that goes into every meal, ensuring that each bite is a masterpiece of taste and tradition.


Recognitions of Excellence


Royal Bites Operations

Weekend Orders

Taking orders all weekend, including Friday nights, for your convenience.

Thoughtful Delivery

Your choice of a 600 ml microwave box or direct utensil delivery.

Order in Advance

Kindly place your order one day in advance for a seamless experience.

Fresh Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients on the day itself, except for rice, ensuring ultimate freshness.

Convenient Ordering

Order effortlessly via WhatsApp or direct phone communication.

Same-Day Freshness

Preparing your meal on the same day, just hours before delivery.